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Why 212 Athlete?

We believe in pushing human potential to the fullest by teaching both the mind and body to do things they have never done before. Such as throwing 90MPH or  learning the tools necessary to manage your mental game.

There are three types of practice Naive, Purposeful, and Deliberate

Naive practice is doing a specific activity for an extended amount of time and believing that just the simple act of doing so will make you into on of the top players in your specific sport of field. 

Purposeful practice has well defined and specific goals, is focused, and requires getting out of one’s comfort zone.

Deliberate practice is the highest quality of practice. It has one missing element that purposeful practice does not have. Consistent expert feedback. At 212 Athlete you will have the opportunity to develop both your mind and body with experts who give you the right feedback necessary to improve your game over time. 

Mental Performance Training is provided by Dr. Dan Singer nationally recognized psychologist who has developed proven systems to help make you a better manager of stress, to push past mental blocks in performance, and to bring back the fun of playing your sport.

Arm Care and Velocity Development is provided to you by Adrian Gomez who has developed 212 Athlete’s Velocity Care Video Analysis System diagnosing 11 weaknesses in the throwing motion that potentially cause injuries and minimize throwing velocity. He is designed an online training program to fix each weakness with a combination of bands, Velocity Care Balls, and a throwing program that will walk you through the steps to improve our velocity and arm health. 

212 Athlete exists reduce throwing injuries in baseball and softball, and to develop the whole athlete by caring about more than just sports.

212 Athlete 

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Yours in creating human potential,

Adrian Gomez MED