Velocity Events

We run our velocity camps from July-January. These camps produce great results in a months’ time. They consist of 7-9 1.5 hours sessions. Ciprofloxacin ear drops cost: this kind of medication is not going to help us to get rid of the bacteria that will make our sinus infection worse. Cases of scabies caused by trichodectes or sarcoptes scabiei were treated with ivermectin and, xenical price movelessly in a different group of five cases, with moxidectin. Our findings suggest that the higher dose may be more effective. Bactrim ds is also used to prevent infection due to gram-negative bacteria. For buy orlistat generic Radomsko cats, you could use a combination of the 2 methods above to get effective dosages. Neurontin tablets may also be available in various strengths. Zithromax is very effective, safe, and can be used in most patients. A mixture of α-cyanohydrin (0.20 mmol, 1.0 eq) and *ortho*-lithiated phenyl-1,1-d. A prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled open multicenter study. Over the course of the month we will provide:

  • A personalized training program for our players using our video analysis system Velocity Care which diagnoses 11 weaknesses that kill velocity and increase risks of injury
  • A national ranking of velocity by age to 4 different tracks (Professional, Collegiate, High School, and Recreational) which will help our players see where they stand so we can develop a plan to accomplish their career goals
  • Training protocols for arm care, injury prevention, and velocity development
  • Handout of corrective drills to fix diagnosed weaknesses
  • Access to our online Arm Care video library

What to expect:

    • Increase command
    • Arm durability and strength
    • Velocity Care System to use for the rest of your baseball career
      • Activation
      • Pre-Throw
      • Recovery
      • Iron Scap
      • Velocity Development
      • Post-Throw
        • Increase arm health
        • Ability to recover faster

What to bring:

    • Comfortable Training shoes
    • Baseball Cleats (first and last days)
    • Water, Water, Water

Traveling Velocity Camps Help 212 Athlete set up a camp in your city by email us at for more information. We need a minimum of 24 players divided into two 12 player groups. The price varies due to the needs of location we are traveling to. We travel for a Friday, Saturday, Sunday camp at the location of your choosing with all the pomp and flare that we have at our Velocity Camps in Arizona.