Arizona Weekend Battery Camps


– Mental Game |Arm Health | Velocity Development
– October 14th
– Higley High School Gilbert Arizona
– 9 Hours of Instruction



You will learn:

Mind Care Evaluation from Dr. Dan
Free Stress Management EBook
Velocity Care Arm Care System
Free 6-Week Throwing Program PDF
Crossover Symmetry Band Arm Care System
Free Program Booklet and 30 Day Shoulder Fix
Velocity Care Video Analysis
12 Weaknesses Diagnosed with Drills to Fix
Multiple Radar Readings Day 1 and 3
Pop Times for Catchers
National Rank by Age and Velocity
20 Throwing Drills to Increase Velocity and Decrease POP Times
Free Month of Arm Pro Online Training
Complete Functional Movement Screening
PDF with Drill to Fix weaknesses
Truthful Recruiting and College Projections
Joe Dominiak (College and Pro Coach) Tells Truth about recruiting and where you stand

Friday 7-9PM
Intro to Velocity Care Weighted Ball System
Crossover Symmetry Activation
Functional Movement Screening
Mind Care Presentation by Dr. Dan

Saturday 9am-1pm
Velocity Care Arm Care
Crossover Symmetry Activation+
Radar Testing
Video Analysis for Both Pitchers and Catchers
20 Drills Walk Through
Velocity Care Post Throw
Iron Scap (Shoulder Strengthening)

Sunday 9-11am
Velocity Care Pre Throw
Crossover Symmetry Recovery
Test Velocity and Pop Times
Velocity Care Post Throw
Iron Scap (Shoulder Strengthening)


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