Online Training

Our online training is highly personalized through monthly video analyses to help you gain a complete understanding of the way your body should move to maximize your ability to throw the ball with more velocity and prevent injuries. You will have the opportunity to call and talk to us about your progress.

Velocity Care

  1. Test Your velocity from three positions (with a Radar gun, Stalker, Pocket radar, Jugs gun)
    • 45 degree knees
    • Rocket Steps
    • Stretch (if a pichter) Rhythm Catch (if a position player)
  2. Upload two videos of yourself throwing
    • Front View: Camera is right in front of you before you throw the ball
    • Side View: Camera is facing your chest, righties (3rd base side) Lefties (1st base side)
  3. We will review your videos with Velocity Care Analysis, will take up to 7-10 days
  4. We will upload your analysis on your account and this will diagnose 11 potential weaknesses
    • You will have access to the video library
    • Weakness Library: Videos on each specific weakness that you have so you can understand what each weakness is.
    • Corrective Drill Library: We will pair drills that will correct or minimize each weaknesses you have.
    • Arm Care Library: You will have access to our 6 exercises that will give you a pre-throw and post-throw program to follow to minimize risks of injuries and maximize your arm performance.