Mental Training

Have you reached your ultimate potential as a person and pitcher? Do you like to have control of your environment and physical performance day in and day out? Learn from owner Adrian Gomez and 212 Athlete Mental Training Expert, Daniel Singer through the introductory 2-Day session of the mental and physical game of pitching. This camp will help you execute well in baseball and in life and will give you the physical tools to become a better thrower and pitcher through our Velocity Care video analysis system and our unique band and weighted ball systems.  You will walk away with the tools necessary to start improving your life both mentally and physically and have the support online at to keep improving.

The introductory session to the mental and physical game of baseball and softball presented by 212 Athlete teaches the solutions to the game’s biggest problems, arm injuries and mental preparedness. Each day of the two-day camp you will have 2 hours of mental work on execution, a 1 hour lunch provided for both athletes and parents, and two hours of physical arm care, injury prevention and velocity development.

Subscription Monthly (Plans Range from $25/m -$100/m)
 – Access to Dr. Dan on the phone and via Skype for mental performance training
Team Mental Performance Sessions (For Pricing call Dr. Dan at (206) 778-2225)
 – Dr. Dan will develop a specific plan for each team he works with and will monitor and instruct
2-Day Mental and Velocity Development Camps (We can travel to you! Call Dr. Dan at (206) 778-2225 )
 – Mental Performance Evaluation
 – Velocity Care Video Analysis
 – Online Programs for Improvement

Physically we will teach you our arm care system of both weighted balls and Crossover Symmetry Bands which are designed to train movement patterns, not isolated muscle groups. The magic behind 212 Athlete’s Velocity Care is the sequencing and programming of the body to increase velocity and reduce injuries. 


In our name 212 Athlete we incorporate our beliefs on the mental game. Mentally 212 degrees is our boiling point when things in our lives are out of control. We are going to teach you how to simmer not boil and to become calm even amongst the most challenging circumstances in life. In this camp will find the mental game that fits your style of play on the field.

Day 1

9am-11am : Mental Session with Dr. Dan (Execution)
11am-12pm : Lunch Provided
12pm-2pm : Throwing Session: Velo Test, National Rankings, Common Weaknesses

Day 2

9am-11am : Mental Session with Dr. Dan and Adrian Gomez (Execution)
11am-12pm : Lunch Provided
12pm-2pm : Throwing Session: Velo Test, National Rankings, Common Weaknesses