About Us

We teach and train players to reach one of the most elusive numbers in sports today, 90MPH. Our Velocity Care System is the most personalized velocity development, injury prevention, and arm care program in the nation.

212 Athlete has a proven system that gives you the potential to throw 90 MPH in three easy steps:

  1. Our Arm Care system which includes Velocity Care weighted balls and Crossover Symmetry Bands will target the scap muscles for a stronger shoulder foundation, improved posture, and greater core strength,
  2. Your personalized Velocity Care video analysis that diagnoses 11 weaknesses that kill your velocity will allow you to understand what is holding you back from improving as a pitcher and thrower.
  3. Unlock a video library filled with corrective drills to make your weaknesses your strengths.

Velocity Camps in Arizona

  • 7-9 Velocity Sessions (1.5 HR)
  • 1 Personalized Video Analysis
  • National Velocity Ranking by AGE o6 Radar Readings
  • Velocity Care Weighted Ball System (December of 2017)
  • Velocity Drills Worksheet
  • 212 Athlete T-Shirt

2 Day- Velocity Success Camp with 212 Mental Coach Dr. Dan

  • Full 30 MIN Mental Focus Assessment with Dr. Dan
  • Velocity Care Video Analysis of 11 Weaknesses
  • 212 Athlete Mental Game Book
  • 3 Radar Readings
  • National Velocity Rank

Remote Velocity Training

  1. Free Profile
    • Arm Care Video Training